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Astigmatism is an abnormality in the shape of the cornea which results in blurred vision

  • You can correct this common visual error with our ultra-precise Swiss-optmised eye treatments

Discover what astigmatism is and how we treat it

Fix your astigmatism and enjoy a life without glasses and contacts

Fix your astigmatism and live glasses-free

Discover everything you need to know about astigmatism and how we treat it below

Laser eye surgery for astigmatism

In a normal eye, the cornea is shaped so that light rays are highly collimated and directed towards the sharpest point of vision (focus).

In the case of astigmatism, there are different radii of curvature in the two main axes of the cornea. This results in an uncontrolled increased refractive power along certain visual axes. This leads to the perception of distorted images. Objects are often seen twice or with a shadow next to them.

Using laser eye treatment, we can flatten or increase this axis to correct the vision.

An irregular corneal curvature causes astigmatism. This causes the light rays to be refracted irregularly. Astigmatism can also result from an eye injury or from clouding of the eye.

Laser surgery methods

We can use the following eye laser methods to treat astigmatism:

Lens surgery methods:

Also, surgical procedures (lens implants) are possible:

  • Phakic Lenses (ICLs) (toric)
  • Lens implants with a toric lens

We can use these treatments for a prescription of 6 dioptres. Custom implants are possible in more severe cases.

up to 6 dioptres Femto-LASIK/ LASIK/ LASEK/ Phakic Lenses (ICLs)/ replacement

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How much do our laser eye surgery patients love us?

94.76% to be precise (we’re Swiss. We measure everything). But don’t take our word for it…

Overall I’m more than satisfied.

The entire team is friendly, competent and very well organized. My quality of life without lenses and glassed has increased significantly. I would do it again and definitely recommend it.

DocFinder User

Everyone who is thinking about having their eyes lasered should come here!

I have been seeing PERFECT since then and am extremely satisfied with the result. Highly recommended and personally regret not having done it earlier. A completely different attitude towards life of not having to wear glasses anymore.

DocFinder User

The operation was short and painless.

Even after the operation, I had no pain or other impairments. The entire team is extremely friendly and helpful. Since I am completely satisfied with the result, I can only recommend EyeLaser.

DocFinder User

The doc is super friendly, very professional and really tip-top.

I was able to see very well 4 hours after the procedure. I was a little light-sensitive for a few days, which I was made aware of in advance. I am very pleased. The only annoying thing is that I didn’t do it earlier.

DocFinder User

My quality of life has increased immensely after the laser, despite “not that many diopters”.

A big THANK YOU for that! I can only warmly recommend the clinic.

DocFinder User

I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 years, and I don’t regret taking this step much earlier.

I had no problem with the healing process and have been enjoying my life without glasses ever since.

DocFinder User

It was the best decision of my life.

After laser eye surgery, my ametropia was completely eliminated, and I was able to see everything razor-sharp the day after the operation. The doctor and his entire team are super nice and professional.

DocFinder User

The most popular ophthalmologist in Austria.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian hasn’t got such great customer reviews for nothing. He is clearly the nicest doctor in his field in the city. I am 57 years old, and five years ago, I had my eyes lasered in his eye laser practice. The result is brilliant. I still have good eyesight, I only need glasses for reading now, but presbyopia is a completely natural process that everyone sooner or later succumbs to.

DocFinder User

Thanks also to the entire team, everything went really well.

At first, I was very sceptical about lasers. After the laser, I was able to see straight away without reading glasses. I am happy to have taken the step and Dr. Derhartunian can only be recommended.

DocFinder User

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Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Ophthalmologist, Refractive surgery specialist


After learning his trade from the two pioneers of laser surgery,
Dr Victor Derhartunian is among the leading surgeons in Europe. He heads the practice in Vienna and can advise his patients in 5 languages.

Dr. Paul Jirak

Ophthalmologist, Refractive surgery specialist


Dr. Paul Jirak is a co-founder of one of the most renowned centers for laser eye surgery in Austria and has been treating patients in Linz since 2014. He specialises in ophthalmology, optometry, eye surgery and eye lasers.

Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Christina Leydolt

Ophthalmologist, Lens & cataract surgery specialist


Dr. Leydolt is an ophthalmologist specialised in cataract and lens surgery. She leads a research group with this focus, trains young surgeons and gives international and national lectures.