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Assessment costs

Every eye treatment must begin with an initial assessment and a full consultation by the eye surgery specialist

Initial Assessment

  • Ideal for prospective patients who want to see an optometrist to assess their suitability for laser or lens surgery.

Initial Assessment and Full Consultation

  • Ideal for prospective patients who want to see an eye surgeon and get a full treatment plan.
No-risk guarantee

Suppose we find you unsuitable for laser eye surgery or lens implants, or you do not wish to have treatment. In that case, we will only charge you for the ophthalmologic medical examination and any contact lens simulation (as in monovision).

Vision correction prices

Join over 20,000,000 happy people who no longer need glasses and contact lenses

Lens Surgery

  • Ideal for patients who aren’t suitable for laser or who might have early cataracts
  • Suitable for senior patients who want to see without glasses and contact lenses
  • Includes ICLs (phakic lenses), lens replacement or cataract
  • Price per eye is 3500 euros

Low-Touch FemtoLASIK

  • Ideal for most patients
  • Includes all bladeless procedures
  • Suitable for patients with short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism
  • Price per eye is 1700 euros


  • Ideal for patients who have presbyopia, thin corneas and more severe prescriptions
  • Includes either SmartSight (minimally-invasive – without flap) or PresbyMax (to reduce reading glasses dependency / presbyopia)
  • Price per eye is 2500 euros

*monthly amounts are based on per eye fees over 5 years financing at 6.6% APR interest rate

Why does laser eye surgery cost what it does?

Despite the fact that laser eye surgery can cost the equivalent of 2 pints of beer (8.00 € /day) for a year, some people wonder why it costs what it does.

The diagnostic equipment alone costs around 50-100K to set up.

Then, the laser for the first step of the procedure (the femtosecond laser) costs about 500K, with per-use fees ranging between 350-450 per eye.

Then, there is the typical cost range for the excimer laser (that shapes the eye) between 150.000 at the low end to nearly 300.000 at the high end (we’re on the high end of that for sure).

Then, there is the cost of training an eye surgeon for the job, which usually takes about 18 years – most of it post-graduate.

Then there is the cost of the premises, support staff, insurance, and other incidentals involved in running a world-class clinic in a major urban centre.

Lifelong vision is priceless – but affordable at EyeLaser

We don’t want to be the cheapest. Our goal is to be the best

Would you like to arrange a monthly instalment plan that matches your current contact lens costs? Or you could settle the financing in 6 months with no down payment or interest? Our partner bank is happy to advise you.
We offer different models for partial payment and financing for laser eye surgery:

3 instalments in 6 months

With financing for laser eye surgery at EyeLaser, you can fulfill your dream of sharp vision without glasses or contact lenses at any time. Pay for your operation in 3 easy instalments within 6 months.

Monthly financing with a loan

If you wish to take out a loan for your laser eye surgery, our partner bank offers you attractive and non-bureaucratic terms. You can pay for your treatment in monthly instalments and at a low interest rate.

Example Treatment – Low-Touch FemtoLASIK

Financed contribution € 3.400,00

Plus 5,99 % per annum interest on debt

Period 60 months;

Monthly Rate € 65.79;

Total amount payable € 3.947.68;

Effective interest rate 6.21 % per annum;

Customary bank creditworthiness is required. Our partner bank handles the financing decision. Rounding differences may be possible.

Optimise your eyes and ditch the hassle of glasses and contacts

Millions of people around the world have gained their freedom from glasses and contacts but not everyone’s eyes are suitable for treatment. Book an assessment below and find out if you’re suitable and which treatment can help you best:

Insurance pricing & tax deduction

The cost of laser eye surgery if you have health insurance

The official health insurances like the GKK or SVA do generally not assume the costs of laser eye surgery or lens implants. These insurances only grant medically necessary treatments. This is because they are only obliged to reimburse the costs of medically necessary services.

Except for:

  • Correction of cataracts with a monofocal lens (paid by insurance)
  • Treatment for combined intolerance of spectacles and contact lenses (in some cases)
  • The treatment of very strong visual impairment greater than 10 dioptres and proven contact lens intolerance (in some cases)
  • Treatment in a big difference of more than 3 dioptres in both eyes and proven contact lens intolerance (in some cases)

We can check for these criteria in the ophthalmologic examination and can issue a clinical report.

If the procedure is not or only partially covered by your health insurance, the cost of treatment can normally be deducted as an exceptional expense as part of your income tax return.

Please note that EyeLaser is a private practice (with private doctors) and thus does not provide any treatments covered by medical insurance. However, many private health insurance companies partially or completely cover the costs of treatment. Please liaise with your insurance company about the terms of your coverage before surgery.

Yes. The cost of laser eye surgery or lens implants is the same as the cost of spectacles or contact lenses and is deductible as a medical expense.

Current income tax guidelines state: “If an illness is present, visual aids, including laser treatments, are necessary to enhance vision and are tax-deductible.”

In patients undergoing such an operation, there is a defect in vision, and thus an illness is present. Therefore, these costs are usually recognized, even without a medical certificate confirming the procedure’s medical necessity, as an exceptional expense.

Deducting laser eye surgery from the tax

Here’s how: Enter the cost of the eye operation in the column of “medical expenses” in the annual employee tax assessment. You can specify the total cost. But, there is an excess of 6 to 12% of your annual income depending on how high this is. This percentage is reduced by approx. 1% under certain circumstances (single income, single parents etc.).

The Ministry of Finance calculates your excess. The rest of the treatment costs affect tax deductibility.

Exception: If the operation was professionally conditioned and you have a certificate to prove it, you can deduct the full amount.

Find out more about exceptional costs (§ 33 EStG) at the Ministry of Finance. If you are in doubt, please inform yourself about the tax-deductibility of your operating costs.

Winners of the Patients’ Choice Awards 2012 to 2021

We have been awarded first place nine times for customer satisfaction

Discover which eye treatment is best for you with this 1-minute quiz

Things like age, eye shape, history and lifestyle make an eye treatment perfect for one person, but not another. Find out which treatment (if any) could free you from glasses and contacts

How much do our patients love us?

95.89% to be precise (we’re Swiss. We measure everything). But don’t take our word for it…

Overall I’m more than satisfied.

The entire team is friendly, competent and very well organized. My quality of life without lenses and glassed has increased significantly. I would do it again and definitely recommend it.

DocFinder User

Everyone who is thinking about having their eyes lasered should come here!

I have been seeing PERFECT since then and am extremely satisfied with the result. Highly recommended and personally regret not having done it earlier. A completely different attitude towards life of not having to wear glasses anymore.

DocFinder User

The operation was short and painless.

Even after the operation, I had no pain or other impairments. The entire team is extremely friendly and helpful. Since I am completely satisfied with the result, I can only recommend EyeLaser.

DocFinder User

The doc is super friendly, very professional and really tip-top.

I was able to see very well 4 hours after the procedure. I was a little light-sensitive for a few days, which I was made aware of in advance. I am very pleased. The only annoying thing is that I didn’t do it earlier.

DocFinder User

My quality of life has increased immensely after the laser, despite “not that many diopters”.

A big THANK YOU for that! I can only warmly recommend the clinic.

DocFinder User

I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 years, and I don’t regret taking this step much earlier.

I had no problem with the healing process and have been enjoying my life without glasses ever since.

DocFinder User

It was the best decision of my life.

After laser eye surgery, my ametropia was completely eliminated, and I was able to see everything razor-sharp the day after the operation. The doctor and his entire team are super nice and professional.

DocFinder User

The most popular ophthalmologist in Austria.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian hasn’t got such great customer reviews for nothing. He is clearly the nicest doctor in his field in the city. I am 57 years old, and five years ago, I had my eyes lasered in his eye laser practice. The result is brilliant. I still have good eyesight, I only need glasses for reading now, but presbyopia is a completely natural process that everyone sooner or later succumbs to.

DocFinder User

Thanks also to the entire team, everything went really well.

At first, I was very sceptical about lasers. After the laser, I was able to see straight away without reading glasses. I am happy to have taken the step and Dr. Derhartunian can only be recommended.

DocFinder User

We have replaced the images of real patients who provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

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Get to know the eye experts

Discover Austria’s most popular laser eye surgeons in the heart of Vienna and Linz

Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Ophthalmologist, Refractive surgery specialist


After learning his trade from the two pioneers of laser surgery,
Dr Victor Derhartunian is among the leading surgeons in Europe. He heads the practice in Vienna and can advise his patients in 5 languages.

Dr. Paul Jirak

Ophthalmologist, Refractive surgery specialist


Dr. Paul Jirak is a co-founder of one of the most renowned centers for laser eye surgery in Austria and has been treating patients in Linz since 2014. He specialises in ophthalmology, optometry, eye surgery and eye lasers.

Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Christina Leydolt

Ophthalmologist, Lens & cataract surgery specialist


Dr. Leydolt is an ophthalmologist specialised in cataract and lens surgery. She leads a research group with this focus, trains young surgeons and gives international and national lectures.